Oxford White

oxford white

Accentuate the crisp design of Oxford with the colour choice of white. A vast array of accessories creates features throughout the kitchen, while white facias allow you to be more adventurous with wall and floor colours.

Oxford Ivory

oxford ivory

The calming soft hue of ivory remains the UK favourite and suits both traditional and contemporary design. Combine curved units with open shelving for a highly fashionable design.

Oxford Mussel Matt

oxford mussel

Oxford’s depth range makes it suitable for both modern and traditional designs as shown in Mussel with both the stunning mantel and 1245mm curved doors.

Oxford Light Grey

oxford light grey

Choose the new styling of Oxford in the contemporary colour favourite of light grey. The tone of light grey is highly flexible and can be contrasted with darker work surfaces or complemented by warmer oak.

Oxford Anthracite

oxford anthracite

Anthracite in Oxford creates a particularly striking kitchen, contrasting beautifully with lighter coloured wall decoration. Introduce an element of oak for a more unique finish.


Denton Kitchen

Classic and elegant, Denton Ivory creates a warm and inviting setting. The distinctive door design accompanied with detailed accessories will enable you to produce an authentic and exclusive environment.


Cartmel Kitchen

Timeless in its design, Cartmel hand painted creates an elegant and welcoming environment in your home. The neutral tones and simplistic design offer an uncomplicated living space, one that can be matched with a plethora of accessories to create the perfect kitchen.


Boston Kitchen

Combining contemporary styling with a traditional tongue and groove effect centre panel in easy to care for vinyl. Boston brings a spacious and warm feel to your kitchen.

Ohio Creama

Ohio Cream Kitchen

Finished with a softer profile than traditionally styled shaker doors, Ohio Cream creates a clean and classical appearance that exudes warmth.
The use of curved doors enables a naturally elegant environment to be created

Windsor Ivory

windsor ivory

Windsor Ivory flows beautifully throughout the kitchen, with soft ivory tones a regular favourite. A multitude of components create a stunning traditional design.

Windsor Mussel

windsor mussel

The lighter tones of Windsor Mussel make it an ideal choice to combine with the darker stone grey island unit. Bottle racks create a natural flow from the kitchen to open space living.

Windsor Stone Grey

windsor stone grey

The slightly darker tones of stone grey are highly impactful with the Windsor door. Use a mix of curved doors and pilasters for varied effects.

Windsor Light Grey

windsor light grey

The increasingly popular tone of light grey is now available in the Windsor range. Combine it with natural oak for an outstanding finish.

Windsor Oak

windsor oak

The natural beauty of Windsor oak can be used on its own or mixed with a lighter shade for a two-tone kitchen. Incorporate glazed doors and open units for a lighter feel.

Windsor Hand Painted

windsor painted

The vast array of components within Windsor allows you to create a highly personal traditional kitchen and the unique look is heightened further by the hand painted options. The timber grain, a statement of quality is still apparent through any painted colour option ensuring your choice is a timeless one.

Cambridge Light Grey

cambridge light grey

The light grey tone heightens the distinctive shaker detail of the Cambridge door. The straight lines of larders combine nicely with standard and extra tall curved doors.

Cambridge Mussel

cambridge mussel

The soft pastel tone of Mussel creates a stunning kitchen with the Cambridge door. Integrate oak, either the same station or separate levels.

Cambridge Ivory

cambridge ivory

The gentle ivory tone is a perfect complement to the shaker style Cambridge door, with the natural grain of the timber remaining highly visible.

Cambridge Stone Grey

windsor stone grey

The warmth of stone grey radiated though the kitchen on the Cambridge door. Stone grey is beautiful as a single colour or combined with oak.

Cambridge Oak

cambridge oak

The oak of the Cambridge door has been a favourite in the UK for years. We’ve given it a contemporary twist with curves and the Eclipse handle.

Cambridge Hand Painted

cambridge painted

Hand painted Cambridge doors retain the visible timber grain detailing though the painted finish and offer a truly bespoke aesthetic upon installation. Cambridge allows you to create both contemporary and traditional designs which can be complemented by your colour choice.


Richmond Kitchen

Timeless in its design, Richmond can be used to create any desired aesthetic from a contemporary to a classic kitchen. The warm and welcoming oak combined with its simple uncomplicated design make this a perfect choice for any environment.


Portland Kitchen

Timeless in its design, Portland is an uncomplicated shaker door that provides a simple yet elegant setting.